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Sl.NOEmployee Name DesignationWork Allotment
1 B.R.V. Susheel KumarDIRECTOR 
2 M.Vijaya VaniDEPUTY DIRECTOR (ADMIN)Administration, Accounts
3 S. Swamy Krishnaji RaoASSISTANT DIRECTORWarangal Region, Mineral Investigation & Information Technology
4 B. Govinda RajuASSISTANT DIRECTORVigiliance, History of  Mines, Hyderabad Region
5 T.S.P. Srinivas RaoASSISTANT DIRECTOR (I/C)Planing, Mineral Revenue, Nizamabad Region
6 T. Shyam RaoASSISTANT DIRECTOR (ADMIN)Administration, Accounts
7 R. Ram Krishna ReddyASSISTANT DIRECTOR (LAW)Court / Legal Matters
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