Development of Mineral Resources & Technology Upgradation Fund (DMRTUF)

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  • Government with a need to have a mechanism for Resource Audit of Mineral Wealth in the State has formulated a Fund for development of mineral resources and also to upgrade the latest techniques and trends in the mining sector.
  • State is first in the country to create 'Development of Mineral Resources and Technology Up-gradation Fund (DMRTUF)' by allocating a marginal 10% of sales turnover from the Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation.
  • Resource Audit involves collection of geological, mineral and exploration data, dissemination of information etc.
  • The main functions of the DMRTUF are:
    1. Collection of Data on Geological, Geophysics, Geochemical, Mineral Aerial Photos etc.,
    2. Study Identification & Acquisition of Latest technology and equipment for Exploration.
    3. Computerization and creation of Data Base for the entrepreneurs in the field of exploration/ exploitation / Mining / Technology / Mineral Based Industries etc.,
    4. Infrastructure Development in Mining areas which directly spin off economic activity.
  • State Government constituted an autonomous Trust for functioning of the DMRTUF.
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