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The List of Executive Summary of Bayyaram Iron Ore Investigation.

  • The executive summary states that the level of investigation is G2 & G3 .
  • Resource estimation of the upper band of Bayyaram gutta (G2 stage): I. Present study (total tonnage of all grade) :0.1809 Ml.Tonnes. II. As per Sarma and Chowdhary :3.27 Ml.Tonnes. Total :3.45 Ml.Tonnes
  • Summarized resource estimation of a ll blocks in G3 stage : 70.53 Ml.Tonnes. of exploration (total tonnage of all grades)
  • As per UNFC & IBM norms, the cut off for Hematite Ore is taken as > 45% Fe, the break­ up is as follows:
  • Upper band of Bayyara m gutta (G2 stage) :1.06 Ml. Tonnes.
  • Lower band of other blocks (G3 stage) : 9.74 Ml.Tonnes. Total : 10.80 Ml.Tonnes.
  • However, the occurrence of > 45% Fe is occurring at various levels with over burden ranging from 7 M. to 190 M.
  • Thus, the GSI report proves that the estimated reserves of Iron Ore with cut off > 45°/o Fe is around 10.80 Million Tonnes whereas the requirement of Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) is 200 Million Tonnes

Proposals for Limestone Blocks Investigation:

  • The Ministry of Mines, Gol constituted Regional Exploration Committee (REC) with GS\ , IBM,MECl and Departmentfor identification of prospective Mineral Blocks inTelangana State
  • On behalf of The State Govt.,the Director of Mines and Geology entered into Tripartite Agreement with National fv'l ineral Explo ration Trust Body, New Delhi and Mineral Exploration Corporation as to have release of funds f rom NMET for taking up the Regional and detai led exploration of the Limestone blocks being proposed by the State Government.
  • The REC proposed Limestone resources evaluation in the entire State i.e. in parts of erstwhile Nalgonda, Karimnagar, Ranga Reddy, Mahabubnagar and Adilabad Districts under NMET, Government of India Funds. The Proposals are under preparation the details are as under.
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